Ready to Try Intermittent Fasting?

Intermittent fasting is something you’ve probably heard an earful about this year. And its newfound popularity is proving that the buzzy fasting approach is going to hang around for a while, as it already has tons of celebrity enthusiasts and a very active subreddit with up to 137k subscribers.

But if you are curious as to what intermittent fasting actually is, registered dietitian Abbey Sharpe explained to INSIDER some of the ins and outs. Basically, it involves eating only during certain parts of the day, while abstaining from anything but water and coffee for the rest of the time.

However, to give you the full breakdown on everything intermittent fasting, we spoke to Sharpe and registered dietitian Sylvia North about some of the advantages (and disadvantages) to consider if you are planning on giving intermittent fasting a try. Below are some expert tips on the subject to totally keep in mind.

Excerpted from Insider

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