Are You Making These Intermittent Fasting Mistakes?

Intermittent Fasting has become the most popular and followed diet procedure for weight loss. While following, people are unaware about certain mistakes they make which affects their weigh-loss plan.

Weight Loss Mistakes: When you think of losing weight or shedding a certain number of kilos, you first make a list of diets and exercises that you can do. One of the most popular weight-loss plan is intermittent fasting, which is more of a lifestyle than a diet. Basically intermittent fasting is balancing cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Intermittent fasting restricts one’s food intake to a shorter time, which aids in calorie reduction. However following this diet plan, people tend to make a lot of mistakes which hinders their weight loss process.

5 Reasons why Intermittent Fasting Is Not Working For You Anymore: Your diet is deficient in nutrients: When fasting, it is important to maintain a healthy diet. While fasting, make sure to eat plenty of vegetables, fish, and lean protein. Before beginning an intermittent diet, make sure your body can use fat as an energy source efficiently. Maintain a proper fasting routine. If you’re new to this or have diabetes, keep a close eye on your health. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables along with proteins such as chicken breast, fish, or eggs. Don’t starve yourself; instead, eat smaller portions throughout the day to train your body well. 

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