How Long Does It Really Take to Get Out of Shape?

It took you half a year to get into the shape you wanted and now you’re thinking of taking a break. Generally, there is a good idea because exercises put stress on the body. All good programs always include a few days of rest. But they can easily slip into weeks. You can maintain your fitness level if you work out at minimal level. Otherwise you’ll be back to where you started in a lot less than six months. Shockingly, it can take as few as two weeks.

The very bad news is that it takes twice as long at least to improve your fitness than to eliminate the progress.

The speed at which all these inevitable side effects occur varies with every person. It also depends on how advanced you are in your training. The longer you’ve worked out, the more time it takes for your body to get out of shape. The more often you take breaks of inactivity, the faster you regress with each one.

Your endurance level and cardio health are the first victims. They start to go out the window in no more than two weeks, especially if you are a fitness beginner. Then you’re back to your inactivity levels in no time. According to studies that amount of oxygen people can uptake and use dives within a month of not training.

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