Intermittent Fasting Seems To Be a Good Thing!

Going long hours without eating isn’t good for us, we are often told. Our bodies need fuel regularly. Otherwise, we may become lethargic, tired and hungry. Our thinking can become mushy, our ability to work, and even play, hampered. Not so fast.

A new report by University of Florida researchers suggests that a certain style of fasting can actually be good for us and, illness and disease aside, can be tried at any age. In fact, the study suggests, a certain rhythm of fasting and feasting is something humans have been capable of for eons. Of course, any serious shift in diet should be cleared with the family physician, cautions Steve Anton, Ph.D., the academic paper’s lead author and a faculty member with the UF Institute on Aging.

The study, published in the journal Obesity, reviewed a number of findings that looked at diets, fasting and the results in subjects of all age groups. What these studies showed was that fasting, especially the increasingly popular intermittent fasting, has high potential for weight loss at any age.

Excerpted from the Tampa Bay Times

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