What Should You Eat on Fasting Days?

A ‘fasting day’ can either be classed as a day of abstaining from eating completely, or as a day of consuming 800 calories or less. Here at The Fast 800, we use the term to describe the latter. Fasting comes with a whole host of health benefits and is an effective method of weight loss. If you’re deciding to try a fasting eating pattern, we know that it can be difficult to decide what to eat on fasting days to help you feel satiated.  We’re sharing the best foods to eat on a fasting day, and how this centuries-old practice can benefit your health. 

What is fasting? Intermitting Fasting (IF) is an age-old technique of going without food for a period of time by incorporating fasting days or shorter eating windows into a diet pattern. With food now being freely available to us 24/7, it’s easy to develop a habit of grazing, snacking or late-night eating. This means that your body is forced to continuously digest and process nutrients and toxins, with very little rest breaks. Fasting provides opportunity for your body to rest and repair as it should. 

It must be noted that fasting isn’t necessarily for everyone, depending on factors such as health and age. Click here to find out who The Fast 800 is and is not suitable for.

Excerpted from The Fast 800

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