What Are the Best Fruits for Weight Loss?

Because fruit is sweet and contains naturally occurring sugar, many people assume that it’s associated with weight gain. However, research consistently shows that eating fruit supports healthy weight management.

Several published studies have found that increasing the daily consumption of whole fruits is inversely tied to weight gain, meaning that the more fruit is consumed, the fewer pounds are gained. Research has also shown that eating whole fruit reduces the likelihood of long-term weight gain in adults by curbing total calorie intakes. 

Researchers believe the protective effects of fruit may be partly due to anti-inflammatory antioxidants and nutrients, how fruit intake alters the gut microbiome, and fruit’s ability to boost satiety. Because whole fruits require chewing and provide fiber and water, they empty out of the stomach slower, which increases fullness and delays the return of hunger. Also, eating fruit in place of a higher calorie snack or dessert reduces total calorie intake. Certain nutrients in fruit, including vitamins A, E, and C are associated with reduced fat gain and less abdominal fat. Antioxidants in fruit called polyphenols are also linked to reduced fat gain.

Excerpted from Health

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