Is There a Link Between Coffee and Longevity?

There’s a very good chance that there’s a ritual you already do every single day that is linked to living a longer life. In fact, you might even be doing it right now: Drinking coffee. A new study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that regularly drinking coffee can improve longevity and lower your risk of mortality—a pretty big deal. But before you use science as an excuse to go to Starbucks every day, there are some factors about the study that registered dietitians want everyone to know.

How Drinking Coffee Could Help You Live Longer

For the study, researchers followed over 171,000 healthy participants—with the average person being 55 years old—for nine years. One of the connections that they realized when looking at the data was that the coffee drinkers had a lower risk of mortality. What’s more, this connection still held true even when other factors such as lifestyle and sociodemographics were taken into account.

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