Are Protein Shakes Good for Weight Loss?

Protein shakes have experienced a surge in popularity recently, with many people now drinking them daily to aid their journeys to improved fitness and better health. But what benefits do they offer, and can you drink protein shakes for weight loss?

What are Protein Shakes? Protein shakes are drinks that are high in protein, so they’re used as a means of introducing more protein into your diet. The exact amount of protein we need depends on the individual (with factors including age, activity level and muscle mass affecting your required amount). Protein shakes are made using powdered protein. The protein they contain typically comes from eggs or milk but can also come from soybeans or rice.

Many people consume protein drinks after a workout. Historically, protein drinks were favoured by ‘bodybuilders’ and those who wanted to gain muscle growth. However, many fitness fanatics and health-conscious people have since embraced these products as part of their diet.

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