What Should You Eat When Breaking Your Fast?

Have you ever thought about where the word breakfast comes from? It literally refers to when you break your fast, aka eat again after a period of fasting. For some people that may be eight in the morning—but for someone who’s intermittent fasting, that could be closer to one in the afternoon, in some cases. No matter what your schedule, in all cases, it’s important to make that first meal post-fast count.

To optimize that first meal, holistic nutritionist Kelly LeVeque shares a few tips on what to eat and what to avoid when breaking a fast. 

What time should a fast be broken each day?

Intermittent fasting has been shown to lower insulin and blood glucose levels, promote longevity, and help manage weight. Exactly how long someone chooses to fast each day varies from person to person.

Excerpted from MBG Health

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