Should You Eat or Skip Breakfast?

The word ‘breakfast’, when broken down literally means breaking your fast. Your body should be at rest, ideally for 7-9 hours every day. When you go all this time without eating, it leaves you feeling hungry in the morning. This is where comes in one of the most nourishing meals of the day – Breakfast.

Getting enough sleep is good, but compromising on breakfast is something many of us have done at least once in the past. A good breakfast will keep you going for the entire day without any fatigue or tiredness and is one of the best meals to enjoy with your family. We have heard many myths about breakfast, but here are the five most popular ones and the science explained for these myths.

As we said before, breakfast needs to be one of the most nourishing meals of the day. When part of a balanced diet, breakfast should consist of fibre, protein, complex carbohydrates and other nutritious elements.

Excerpted from The Bridge

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