What’s Your Intermittent Fasting Plan For the Holidays?

In 2017, intermittent fasting became one of our favorite ways to fight inflammationbalance blood sugar, improve cognitive function, and fight disease. It’s praised by functional and integrative medicine experts all around the world, who are increasingly recommending it to their patients for way more than just weight loss. At its core, IF is about reconnecting with the way our ancestors lived. At revitalize this year, Dr. Steven Gundry explained that “our ancestors didn’t crawl out of their cave and say ‘What’s for breakfast?’ There wasn’t any refrigerator or even any storage system.” They would go long periods of time without food, and we’re now finding out how that can be incredibly healing for the body and brain.

The holidays are the perfect time to experiment with fasting, as we are often indulging in more inflammatory foods than we are used to and it can be hard to maintain our happy weight through the month of December. But where do you start? Here are three great ways to experiment with intermittent fasting for an inflammation-free holiday season.

Excerpted from mbg Health

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