Can You Really Increase Your Metabolism?

I have a fast metabolism; I can eat anything I want and stay skinny. I don’t know why!” How many times have you heard this humblebrag and rolled your eyes? Besides feeling annoyed and maybe a little jealous, you might’ve also wondered if this is true. Is there really such a thing as a fast versus slow metabolism? And if so, is it possible for us to increase or our own metabolism so we too can eat anything we want and maintain our weight?

What is metabolism?

First, it’s important to know what exactly metabolism is. “Metabolism is the term that describes a combination of processes that the body uses to convert food into fuel to keep you alive,” Dr. David Greuner, surgical director of NYC Surgical Associates, explains. “Metabolic processes include breathing, digesting food, the delivery of nutrients to your cells and the use of energy by your muscles.”

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