15 Food Myths That Cause Weight Gain

You can’t believe everything you hear, especially when your health is at stake. Being gullible can get the best of us into trouble. And when it comes to watching your weight, if you naturally trust in every tip or trick you hear whether it’s from a nutritionist, your best friend, or a product label, you’re setting yourself up for some serious scale issues. Blindly believing without asking questions or doing your own research is one of the easiest ways to set those numbers at a standstill or send them in the opposite direction.

Forget everything you thought you knew because we’ve rounded up a few tried-and-not-so-true weight loss hacks. For instance, did you know that it’s possible to overdo it on the healthy stuff? That’s just one of the 20 Weird Reasons Why You’re Gaining Weight So Fast. Sometimes the secret to slimming down isn’t based on what you need to do, but what you need to stop doing, so get ready to ditch these debunked diet myths.

Excerpted from Eat This, Not That!

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