What Are the Best Floor Exercises for Weight Loss?

Looking for no-equipment exercises for weight loss? Floor exercises can help you to drop some pounds and make you healthy. Weight loss isn’t only about looking good or fitting into your favourite dress. It’s connected to your health too. According to National Library of Medicine, obesity is one of the leading causes of cardiovascular disease deaths and morbidity. And so, maintaining healthy weight will help to reduce the chances of developing cardiovascular disease. A weight-loss journey includes making changes in your lifestyle. As you finalise exercises for weight loss, don’t forget to include floor exercises.

What are floor exercises? Weight loss exercises require just a floor, a mat and motivation! You don’t need high tech equipment to do floor exercises. Nair says that floor exercises are highly effective as you mostly use your own body weight to do all the work. Most importantly, you can do this anywhere, like when you are travelling, in your hotel room or near the pool.

Floor exercises for women: You just need around half an hour for a very effective floor workout. Here are some of the exercises you can try!

1. Squats: Squats can help to burn calories and also strengthen as well as tone the muscles in your lower body.

Excerpted from Health Shots

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