Can a Calorie Restriction Diet Help Us Live Longer?

Calorie restriction diets have long been thought of as a “fountain of youth” of sorts. Researchers have claimed these diets can help slow the aging process in certain animals, but the effects of such a regimen on human patients have been debated for years. And while there still isn’t any conclusive evidence as to whether such diets can extend human life expectancy or slow aging, a new study suggests that there’s a good chance humans may be able to benefit as well.

According to Business Insider, scientists had previously found that fruit flies, mice, and certain species of worms could take advantage of calorie restriction diets and enjoy longer lifespans. In the case of mice, one study had researchers reducing their calorie consumption by 30 percent, and it was revealed that the diets could improve brain health and extend life expectancy significantly in the rodents. In some cases, the mice’s lifespans had doubled or tripled, the report added.

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