What Are the Best Habits for Longevity?

Americans are optimistic about their longevity. A recent survey by MDVIP — a national network of primary care doctors focused on preventive medicine — and Ipsos found that 67 percent of Americans want to live longer than their parents and 87 percent want to take steps to live healthier for longer. However, 74 percent of Americans failed a basic 20-question quiz on the lifestyle factors that influence aging and longevity.

Living longer doesn’t happen by accident or by the grace of genetics alone. “Study after study has shown that our lifetime of decisions about what we eat, whether we exercise or whether we’re managing stress have a considerable impact on how well we age,” said Dr. Andrea Klemes, chief medical officer at MDVIP.

Another thing to consider is that extending your lifespan shouldn’t be the only goal. You want to focus on maximizing the number of healthy years of your life. By increasing your “healthspan” — how many years you live without serious disease — you can enjoy your life well into your 80s and beyond. Here are three simple but essential habits you can incorporate into your life to help improve your healthspan. Invest in your health like you do your finances

Excerpted from the Fayette Tribune

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