Coffee vs. Green Tea: Which is Better?

Green tea and coffee are both considered healthy beverages. However, here are some ways in which they differ. Find out which one is suitable for you. Tea and coffee are amongst the most popularly consumed hot beverages around the world. Both of which, are often consumed routinely. When we consume something on a regular basis its intake has a huge impact on our health as well as our moods, be it healthy or unhealthy. Hence, it is important to understand whether these beverages are good for our health. If yes, how do these popularly consumed hot beverages benefit us? We must also navigate which one is healthier and ideal for us.

Green Tea: Green tea has been popularly advertised as the healthier alternative to regular tea, which is most commonly consumed in India. Green tea has many health benefits, some of which are:

Betters metabolism: Green tea has been proven to better metabolism. A fast metabolism indicates that your body can burn calories faster than an average person. This means you can consume more calories without gaining weight and also burn calories easily. Hence, better metabolism boosts fat burn and weight loss. 

Excerpted from Doctor NDTV

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