Do You Have a Weight Loss Support Network?

Your environment and the people around you can often impact your day-to-day routines and habits. The last couple of years have underscored the importance of feeling connected to loved ones and our broader social groups for many. Our social network can help us celebrate our successes in life as well as provide support during tough times. Your network—family members, friends, and those who are part of other communities (at work or the gym)—can encourage you and provide guidance to help you succeed, no matter what you’re going through.

When it comes to health or weight management, many people don’t recognize the need for social support. Many feel it is an extremely personal experience that they need to manage on their own, not realizing the meaningful psychological health benefits that companionship can provide. 

Through my experience in both clinical settings at medical centers and community settings at WeightWatchers, I’ve seen firsthand the power of social support on weight-loss success. People going through a similar journey support each other when there are inevitable setbacks on the journey as well as celebrate successes both on and off the scale.

Excerpted from Psychology Today

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