How Can I Add More Protein to My Diet?

March 7, 2024

Protein is one of the best foods to consume for muscle recovery, growth and strength. The average adult should be eating at least 0.8 to 1 gram of protein per [...]

Does Protein Make You Lose Weight?

September 14, 2023

It is well established that obesity is an increasingly prevalent condition and one with far-reaching consequences for public health. The World Health [...]

What Are Healthy Carbs?

June 27, 2023

If you’ve been paying attention to celebrity-endorsed fad diets recently, you’ve probably gotten the impression that carbohydrates (carbs) are to be avoided at all [...]

Can a High Protein Diet Reduce Depression?

March 15, 2023

A new study that focused on nutrition and mental health of adolescent athletes found an association between high protein consumption and a decrease in symptoms of depression. [...]

Can Soy Protein Help Lower Cholesterol?

February 1, 2023

Since heart disease is the leadingTrusted Source cause of death in the U.S., researchers are looking for ways to reduce this number. Having high cholesterol is a risk [...]
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