Can Better Grip Strength Boost Longevity?

August 23, 2023

As we age, a firm handshake implies far more than confidence. A strong grip is a great proxy for longevity. Feeble handgrip strength has been shown to be a better predictor [...]

Is Your Diet Causing Muscle Loss?

July 21, 2023

When you go on a diet, you don’t just lose fat – you lose muscle too. This can have many repercussions – not only on your fitness and strength, but on your [...]

Is a Firm Grip the Key to Longevity?

June 21, 2023

Despite being an insufferable fitness freak ‒ forever clad in Sweaty Betty and checking my health tracker ‒ until recently I’d never heard about the concept of grip [...]

What Are the Best Muscle-Building Foods?

February 21, 2023

The foods you eat and the type of exercise you include can help you prevent muscle loss. Maintaining muscle is key to maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle at any age.   [...]
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