Is Intermittent Fasting Safe or Silly?

Intermittent fasting is firmly on the list of popular diets people might turn to when looking to lose weight and get healthier. But is it actually good for us? 

There is yet to be a clear scientific answer. There’s a growing body of evidence on intermittent fasting and its cousins, calorific restriction (eating drastically reduced amounts) and time-restricted eating (eating only within a restricted time frame, usually eight to 10 hours a day). A lot of the research has been done in animals rather than people. But the human studies show some interesting things.

For weight loss, fasting can be effective, as you might expect. Fasters are limiting their calories and, depending on the type of diet being followed, this will work in much the same way as other diets. There is also evidence that various forms of fasting could improve glucose regulation and blood pressure, be good for cardiovascular health, and encourage abdominal fat loss.

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