Is Intermittent Fasting Really for Everyone?

Just about every week there’s a new story about intermittent fasting – known as time-restricted eating (TRE) – and whether it’s a viable or even superior strategy for losing weight. TRE is when your eating is confined to a strict window, usually eight hours a day. Aside from managing weight gain, there is growing evidence that TRE protects the liver. University of Sydney researchers last year said they were investigating “how intermittent fasting works on the liver to help prevent disease”.

A new intensive study from The Salk Institute has made a big splash,  confirming that there are multiple health benefits from TRE aside from weight loss. The catch? The benefits are not equally parcelled out. Some are dependent on age and sex. The most awkward finding? TRE protects against weight gain in young and old males, but not in females. Could the researchers be wrong? This was a study done with mice. We’ll get back to that.

Excerpted from The New Daily

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