Can I Train For a 5K Even If I Can’t Run a Mile?

Thanks to the pandemic’s toll on the in-person fitness industry, many people have opted to forgo their gym membership for at-home options. While, for some that might have meany investing in big-ticket fitness equipment such as a Peloton Bike+ or a folding treadmill to save space, for others that mean to go back to basics and hit the pavement. Running requires little to no financial commitment (at least at the entry-level) — just throw on a pair of running shoes, load up your pump-up playlist, and get moving.

If you’re interested in the whole “no-equipment needed, open-road, runner’s high” thing, but are a true novice, the good news is that running is for everyone. Yes, even you who don’t have a clue what a base pace means or how to avoid those dreaded side stitches. (Need more convincing? Read: If You Don’t Run But Want to, This Guide Is for You)

This beginner’s guide to running was designed by USA Track & Field certified coach Jason Fitzgerald of Strength Running specifically to show you how to train for a 5K run (or race, if you’re so inclined). BTW, that’s 3.1 miles, and it might sound scary right now, but if you follow this 5K beginner training plan, it’s totally doable.

Excerpted from Shape

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