Lose Weight With These Healthy Spring Foods!

Not all calories are created equal: The misconception that avocados, fruit, and some healthy oils can make you gain weight has been proven false by studies that show healthy fats and fiber-filled fruits are actually the keys to losing weight naturally. The foods on this list will keep you fuller longer and help your body burn fat and shed unwanted winter weight gain. Certain high-fat, caloric foods, when eaten in moderation, provide nutrients that support a healthy metabolism and keep your blood sugar low, boosting natural weight loss, studies say. Some nutritionists even suggest that to lose weight and keep it off, ditch diets altogether and instead focus on adding more of these whole plant foods to your plate.

If one of your personal goals for the springtime is to get in shape or simply eat cleaner to be healthier, you might be surprised that it’s as easy as adding these foods to your regular daily diet: Ginger to your water in the morning; matcha powder to your daily smoothies, chili peppers to your taco night dish; or citrus to your snacking routine. Learn how the ways these seven foods can help you burn fat, increase satiety and lose weight. Then, explore creative, healthy plant-based recipes to find ways to use them daily that are nutritious and delicious.

Excerpted from The Beet

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