Looking for Longevity? Try This Tea!

When it comes to cognitive longevity, drinking a daily cup of tea is one of the tastiest, cheapest, and healthiest habits. Whichever type of tea you prefer, whether hot or iced, each sip is doing your body a favor.

Different herbal teas offer different health benefits. Chamomile, for example, is linked to helping keep blood sugar levels steady and alleviating the symptoms of PMS. Yerba mate teaoffers a natural energy boost. And on the beautiful Greek island of Ikaria, locals sip on savory teas steeped with herbs often overlooked in other parts of the world.

Ikaria is a so-called Blue Zone, a longevity hotspot known for its extraordinary number of centenarians living with little cognitive decline or impairment. Elena Paravantes-Hargitt, RD, a registered dietitian living in Greece and the author of The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners ($17), says that the most popular teas in Ikaria are directly linked to improving brain and heart health as well as reducing inflammation. “Herbal teas are consumed two to three times a day, not just when someone has a sore throat or stomach ache,” she says. Chances are that you already have the herbs used to make these teas in your own pantry.

Excerpted from Well + Good

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