What Are the Best Guilt-Free Carbs?

Weight loss: Carbs are often blamed for causing weight gain. However, this macronutrient is an important part of a healthy diet and you must eat foods rich in good carbs, every day. Celebrity fitness trainer Vinod Channa, in one of his recent posts on Instagram, talks about why carbs are important for you. Channa trains the likes of Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Harshvardhan Rane, Shamita Shetty and John Abraham to name a very few. He believes that for fat loss and improving exercise performance, carbs are the main source of energy.

Just like there are food sources of good fats and unhealthy, weight gain-causing fats, there are also bad carbs and good carbs. The good carbs are ones that provide you with energy and fuel. “Carbs help fuelling brain, kidneys, heart muscles and central nervous system,” informs Channa.

Carbs are important for your body to work wholesomely. Diets that are restrictive in nature commonly recommend giving up carbs. These diets work on the principal of eating very less carbs for getting quick weight loss benefits. However, these diets often lead to cravings, mood swings and irritation. They may also lead to nutritional deficiencies and the weight lost may quickly bounce back once you resume regular eating habits.

Excerpted from NDTV

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