What Should You Eat While Intermittent Fasting?

If your goal this year is to get healthy or lose weight, chances are you may have considered intermittent fasting, an eating pattern that involves cycling between periods of fasting and eating. While there’s no technical restriction on what you can eat when intermittent fasting, some foods are better than others and will help you optimize your health and battle the hunger pains more easily.

To be considered intermittent fasting, the fasting period must trigger a change in your body when energy stores in the liver, called glucose, are depleted and fat energy stores are utilized, says Mark Mattson, PhD, professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins.

When this happens, the fat molecules are released into the blood and enter the liver where the cells convert them into ketones. This state is called ketosis, which researchers say can be beneficial for both body and brain health. 

Excerpted from Business Insider India

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