Will Drinking Coffee Wreck My Intermittent Fast?

Although intermittent fasting (IF) has its benefits, going without food or drink for hours on end is serious business. It’s natural for anyone in the middle of a fast to wonder if coffee is “allowed” or if it will undo all their hard work. What about green tea or just a tiny snack? Here’s the truth about what will and won’t break the fast.

Is it OK to drink coffee while fasting?

Short answer: Yes! Good news, right? But it gets a little more complicated. First, let’s define coffee. It’s not a double mocha cappuccino with whipped cream and sprinkles. It’s not even a latte with eight ounces of milk. While fasting, coffee is coffee with nothing in it. So, yes, drinking black coffee during most types of intermittent fasting is totally OK. The popular 16/8 Leangains protocol (fasting 16 hours and eating during the eight-hour window) actually goes so far as to say that coffee with “a splash of milk” is acceptable in the fasted state.

Exerpted from Greatist

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