What is Intermittent Fasting, Anyway?

It’s a beautiful, sunny day here on Long Island, and fall appears to be coming! It’s cooler, it’s less humid, and with my birthday coming up in the next three weeks (September 17th — Don’t forget to mark that on your calendar!), my favorite season is upon us! My fall softball season starts up next week, as well, and with the vast majority of my teammates deciding on an earlier timeframe (6:30 PM instead of the usual 8–9 PM starts), that means I won’t be completely exhausted the next day from playing the night before due to getting home late, having to shower at around midnight, and thus, getting a severe lack of quality sleep 🙂

Now then, a popular dietary strategy that’s popped up in recent years: Intermittent fasting, or IF for short. The premise of intermittent fasting is simple — Fast for 16 hours, eat all of the day’s food within an eight hour window, and then fast for another 16 hours. Rinse and repeat.

Excerpted from huffingtonpost.com

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