Is There a Secret to Living a Longer, Healthier Life?

What is the secret to–if not eternal life, then a long one, that’s also well-lived? Kathleen Baird-Murray asks the experts for their tips on how to live longer and prioritizing your health.

1. The goal: 10 extra years of a life you love:

“We have improved longevity,” says Professor Tim Spector OBE, genetic epidemiologist, author of The New Science of Eating Well, and the scientific co-founder of ZOE, the personalized nutrition company “but we haven’t really improved health span.” There’s a lot that medical science can do to save your life, but for chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, dementia, strokes, and cancers, we need to be better equipped at helping ourselves. Spector argues that it can be slow to getting a diagnosis and treatment, with the real reason for cancer statistics going up having more to do with the fact that our lifestyles are getting worse. “The best thing we can do is change our mindset. Rather than just waiting for our bodies to fall apart, and then have slightly ineffective treatments, the mindset needs to be, “How can I have ten extra years of healthy life, of a life that I can enjoy?”

Excerpted from Vogue

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