How to Stock Your Kitchen If You Want to Lose Weight

First things first: If you want to lose weight, you must get your kitchen on board. This means packing it with ammunition that could help fuel your goals. We don’t just mean healthy food, but also kitchen gadgets that can end up making a difference between pounds lost and pounds gained. So here’s how to stock a healthy kitchen to better prepare you for success. (Psst… Is What’s On Your Kitchen Counter Causing Your Weight Gain?)

Sure, you could just turn on the faucet, but a pitcher of cold water with slices of lemon or cucumber staring at you when you open the fridge acts as a friendly reminder to drink up. This works especially well if you don’t enjoy the taste of plain water. A study published by Obesity revealed that participants that loaded up on water lost about three more pounds than the group that didn’t increase their water intake. Water before a meal can increase satiety, and therefore help you to eat less.

If you’re heavy-handed with oil when cooking, a spray bottle is the perfect solution. Place your favorite heart-healthy oil, such as olive or avocado, in the spray bottle, and you’ll find that by spritzing instead of pouring, you automatically start to use less. It’s not uncommon to use oil throughout an entire meal—salads, veggies, entrees—so you’ll be surprised how much of a difference this spraying technique can make calorie-wise.

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