6 Reasons to Detox

Whether you want to jump-start your fat loss or detoxify from an indulgent holiday season, there are many reasons to seek out a safe and effective detoxification program.

Each day we’re exposed to a variety of toxins through the food we eat, the beverages we drink, the air we breathe and the products we use on our skin. How well we fare depends on how well our bodies can keep up with removing these substances.

By supporting our body’s own natural processes with a well-balanced detoxification system, we improve our ability to function at our best and to maintain optimal health. Detox benefits are varied and significant. Let’s look at the top six advantages detoxification can offer.

Enhanced Fat Loss

This is a double-edged sword. Toxins are fat-loving, which means they seek out fat cells in which to reside. The body readily absorbs toxins into the fat cells because they’re safer tucked away there than they are roaming the blood stream where they have contact with the organs.

This is a common reason people struggle with losing weight: more body fat often means a higher toxin load. (Some of us are more exposed than others depending on our occupations, living environments, etc.)

The body to some degree will resist losing fat to protect itself against the freeing of these poisons. When we lose weight, the toxins are released from our fat into our bloodstream, exposing the body’s systems to them. When we jump into a quick and/or extreme weight loss program (>2 pounds weight loss per week), we in essence “dump” the toxins into our blood very quickly, leaving our detoxification processes overwhelmed. The effect can leave us feeling pretty miserable.

Effective detoxification programs support our detoxifying organs by assisting in the efficient removal of toxins. Additionally, a good detox program also eliminates processed, chemical-containing, inflammation-producing food products as well as sugar and alcohol, which significantly reduces the toxic “input” itself and encourages healthy nourishment.

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