Are You Making These Intermittent Fasting Mistakes?

Intermittent fasting can be a powerful tool to help you burn fat and lose weight while feeling less hungry, but you’re probably doing it wrong, according to a weight-loss researcher. To get the most out of fasting, pay attention to what you’re eating first, said Dr. Paul Arciero, health professor at Skidmore college and author of The Protein Pacing Diet. His research has designed a specific fasting routine, and evidence suggests it can help people burn fat faster than calorie counting alone. The findings were published December 2022 in the journal Obesity

“We have data to show it’s not about the total number of calories we consume. Now it comes down to the quality of the nutritional intake and the patterning,” he told Insider.

By adding more protein and fiber, timing your meals right, and cutting back on sugar, you can see better results and fewer side effects from fasting, Arciero said. 

Excerpted from Insider

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