Busy? Try These High-Intensity Exercises!

Here are some of the best high-intensity exercises that you can perform for a full-body workout especially if you are on a time crunch. Staying physically active can strengthen your bones and muscles, helps you maintain a healthy weight, increases your ability to carry out daily tasks and improves your cognitive health. Adults who spend less time sitting and engage in any level of moderate-to-vigorous exercise reap some health benefits.

As much as exercising daily is essential and beneficial, it can be hard to follow a persistent workout routine in today’s time. With work, home chores, and other responsibilities, physical health can often take a back seat. Lack of time is what leads us to try HIIT. 

HIIT also known as High-Intensity Interval Training is a workout regime that focuses on vigorous physical exercise which is high in impact and less time-consuming than other workouts. Unlike exercising like sports, swimming, yoga, etc., this is a fast-paced regime that helps you burn more calories without investing too much of your time. 

Excerpted from NDTV

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