How About Intermittent Fasting for Obesity?

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Intermittent fasting, specifically time-restricted eating, may be a safe and viable weight loss tool for adults with obesity and lead to naturally decreased caloric intake, according to a speaker at ObesityWeek Interactive.

Adherence to intermittent fasting eating plans — which can include time-restricted eating and alternate-day fasting — seems to be high, and time-restricted eating plans in particular have the added benefit of no calorie counting required, Kelsey Gabel, PhD, RD, clinical assistant professor of nutrition and a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Illinois in Chicago, said during a presentation. However, questions remain about the best eating window for time-restricted eating, and whether fasting or daily calorie restriction is better for weight loss.

“We need longer trials examining the effect of intermittent fasting, including time-restricted eating, alternate-day fasting and the 5:2 diet,” Gabel told Healio. “Future trials should also compare weight loss and reduction in disease risk, as well as long-term adherence to daily energy restriction. Further, for time-restricted eating specifically, more studies should examine the length and timing of the window.”

Excerpted from Healio

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