Is Your Diet Making You Depressed?

Which Foods to Grab for a Better Mood

The role of eating is so vast in the modern lifestyle that the decision of what to eat is more complex than simply satisfying hunger. Your food choices influence your risk of disease, weight management, and athletic performance, as well as significantly impact your mental health.

The right food choices can give you more energy, increase productivity, and boost your mood, while the wrong ones can leave you stressed and depressed.

Ongoing research is finding that the typical American diet—rich in processed foods, high in sugar and saturated fat, and low in whole, fresh foods—contributes to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and tension. These mental health states are known to diminish energy, contribute to weight gain and raise the risk of disease. And the most recent studies are finding that the effects of these eating habits on mood can impact a broad range of age groups and life stages.

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