What Are the Best Snacks for Weight Loss?

Eating snacks for weight loss may help satisfy hunger between meals, prevent cravings, and provide healthy nutrients. This article includes 25 healthy snack ideas, and reviews how snacks work for weight loss and how to plan your snacks into your weight loss meal plan.

How Snacks Work for Weight Loss: People snack for a variety of reasons, including hunger, boredom, social activities and special occasions, out of habit, or cravings. Snacks can be an important part of a weight loss eating plan. Snacking may help you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables, which 9 out of 10 Americans do not get enough of in their diets.

Snacks may also increase satiety (a satisfying fullness) between meals, especially when eating of fiber-rich and high-protein foods. Increasing satiety between meals can help manage hunger, leading to improved appetite control to help meet your weight loss goals. Research is mixed on whether snacks benefit weight loss directly or not, with some suggesting that increased meal frequency is equivalent to other weight loss regimens and may help improve blood sugar regulation.

Excerpted from Very Well Health

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