What’s the Best Way to Boost Bone Health?

Osteoporosis  is a silent and harsh disease that can severely impact your bone health.  Tomorrow is World Osteoporosis Day and specialists around the world are raising awareness on how to prevent this debilitating disease.

The silent disease

Abby Abelson, M.D. from Cleveland Clinic, a top American Hospital, said bone health often flies under the radar. That said, it can become critical to someone’s independence as they age.

“Losing bone strength is frequently the one thing that makes somebody have to go to a nursing home and give up their independence, or be unable to participate in the activities that they love so much – like caring for their families, lifting up their grandchildren, playing golf, playing tennis, being active – all the things that make our lives worthwhile,” said Dr. Abelson.

Excerpted from Longevity

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