Love Keto But Need More Options?

Sick of strict diets? Forget ’em forever! A panel of experts from Harvard, Yale, and other top universities recently said that a very flexible eating style is unbeatable. They call it the “flexitarian” plan, or “super keto,” and many agree that it really works.

What is a flexitarian, or super keto diet? “You start by eating all kinds of healthy plant foods — veggies, fruit, nuts, tofu, beans, whole grains, even olive oil. And then you can also add high-quality protein from cheese, eggs, seafood and meat,” explains flexitarian expert Travis Stork, MD, author of The Lose Your Belly Diet (Buy from Amazon, $16.75).

Beyond that, there are no rules. Really! “‘Flex’ means you tweak it to work for you,” adds Dr. Stork. To that end, a growing number of flexitarians opt to load up on produce and sidestep excess carbs. “It feels easy and works so well,” says 110-pounds-slimmer Oklahoma retiree Debbie Yearwood, 68. “It’s like super keto!”

Excerpted from Woman’s World

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