Is Your Intermittent Fast a Clean Fast?

No matter what intermittent fasting schedule you’re on, if you found that you’re not losing weight or you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau, it could be because you’re not clean fasting.

What Is Clean Fasting?

According to cardiologist and weight management expert Luize Petre, MD, intermittent fastinginvolves alternating periods of eating, or “feasting,” with periods of not eating, or “fasting.” The fasting window can be done in various ways, either with allowance of very low-caloric foods or liquids or by restricting it to only zero-calorie liquids. “When the more restrictive approach is taken, that is called clean fasting,” she explained.

Clean fasting often is used to describe fasting or time-restricted feeding where only calorie-free and unsweetened beverages are consumed; in other words, Erin Donaldson, DO, with Executive Medicine of Texas, said stick to water, sparkling water, black coffee, tea, and herbal teas with nothing else added — not even lemon slices or a noncaloric natural sweetener like stevia or monk fruit.

Excerpted from Pop Sugar

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