Are You Drinking Enough Water?

February 21, 2024

If you started dieting in the new year, it’s important to make sure you’re drinking enough water too. Not only can it help with weight loss, but it’s vital for our [...]

How Much Plastic Are We Consuming?

January 10, 2024

Plastic is everywhere, from the Arctic ice to human placenta. In fact, previous estimates suggest that the average person ingests a credit card-worth of microscopic [...]

Are You Making These Wellness Mistakes?

November 2, 2023

We’re constantly surrounded by messages about healthy habits we “should” be adopting. Every time we glance at social media or email, listen to a podcast, or [...]

Could Hydration Be the Key to Longevity?

January 5, 2023

Could hydration hold the key to longevity? Maybe, suggests new research that discovered older adults who are properly hydrated may be healthier and live longer than those who [...]

Should You Drink Water During Fasting?

December 28, 2022

Are you confused about what you should drink while fasting and trying to determine whether it is safe to drink water? Read on. In recent years, fasting has gone from being a [...]
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