Is the Fasting Diet the Key to Weight-Loss?

Eating within a 12-hour period and fasting for 12 hours could be the answer to shedding kilos and regulating metabolism, a new study has found. The research published in the United States* found our body’s cells house biological clocks which follow an innate circadian rhythm, dictating when we sleep and wake.

When the body is in tune with the natural 24-hour circadian rhythm, it’s claimed kilojoules can be burned more effectively.

“What the current science indicates is that what you eat, how much and when you eat are important factors for weight loss and weight management. It may hold to the key to answering why so many people have trouble losing weight,” Jenny Craig nutritionist Megan Alsford said in a statement.

“Australian’s current eating habits show that too many of us are living a chaotic 24/7 grab and go lifestyle that causes our body clocks to become dysfunctional.”

Excerpted from 9 News

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