9 Foods You Should Pig Out On

If you are getting a little sick of hearing the words “portion control” as part of the mantra of healthy living, it is time to rejoice. For here, foodie friends, is a handy cheat sheet of all the foods you can tuck into without worrying about going a little overboard. That’s right, it’s a license to get munchy. And we’re not talking about kale, although to be honest, you can add that to this list if you insist.

While there’s no such thing as a real food with absolutely no calories, there are foods you can enjoy freely without having to worry about your waist. As Time reports, nutritionist Dr. Lisa Young says it’s all about loading up on the non-starchy fruits or vegetables because they are packed with fiber and water, so you feel full and hydrated, but they are pretty low in calories. As a bonus, they are chock full of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need more of. So get snacking.

Excerpted from the East Bay Times

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