11 Things Healthy People Never Say

They say actions speak louder than words. But if you listen closely to the words of healthy people, you’ll see that the things they say might actually be a little different than everyone else. We spoke to experts in different fields—nutrition, fitness, sleep, cardiology, and more—and asked them: What things do healthy people avoid saying? Their answers may prompt you watch your words more closely and, more importantly, change your mindset about healthy living.

1- I’ve Earned This Cheeseburger

I’ve Earned This Cheeseburger:“Healthy people understand that their favorite chocolate cupcake is not earned at the gym,” says Rebecca Scritchfield, R.D.N., author of Body Kindness. “Look at food as the gasoline for your body, fueling your muscles to do the exercise and activities you enjoy.” With that mindset, when you face a cupcake, consider, How would I feel if I ate too many? That should help to motivate you to savor just one. And expand your definition of what a “treat” is. “A treat isn’t a reward, it’s a food you enjoy—and that could be mac and cheese or a really good salad,” Scritchfield says. Sit down when you’re eating something you like—really enjoy it, and appreciate every bit and the people you’re with.

Excerpted from realsimple.com

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