What Healthy Foods Should You Be Eating Right Now?

The truth is, no single food contains superpowers to optimize your health. Rather than running out to buy the latest “superfood” you just read about, it’s best to focus on eating a variety of healthy foods and creating a “super diet.

well-stocked kitchen helps to create the foundation for a healthy diet. Keeping a variety of healthy foods around helps us establish a nutritious eating pattern composed mostly of balanced meals and snacks. Eating a more nutritious diet filled with a variety of healthy foods is a simple way to optimize our health and prevent chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers.

While everyone – including me – loves to indulge on occasion, eating well most of the time is the key to staying healthy. And surrounding ourselves with nutritious foods certainly helps us to make healthy food choices. My motto is “make the healthy choice the easy choice.” Here are 15 healthy foods you should eat. I’ve provided an assortment of foods from various food groups because I believe that all foods fit in a healthy diet.

Excerpted from U.S. News

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