There’s No Such Thing as a One Size Fits All Diet!

Diet Study Overturns All We Know About Healthy Eating

Image Source: “What to Eat? Check Your Microbiome!” in Cell

Which is more likely to raise your blood sugar level: sushi or ice cream? According to an Israeli study reported in the November 19 issue of the journal Cell, the answer varies from one person to another.

Weizmann Institute of Science researchers continuously monitored blood sugar levels in 800 people for a week, and discovered that the body’s response to all foods seems to be highly individual.

The Personalized Nutrition Project was conducted by teams working with Prof. Eran Segal of the computer science and applied mathematics department and Eran Elinav of the immunology department.

“We chose to focus on blood sugar because elevated levels are a major risk factor for diabetes, obesity and metabolic syndrome,” Segal explained.

The largest study of its kind to date anywhere in the world, the Personalized Nutrition Project included analysis of gut microbes — collectively known as the microbiome – believed to play an important role in human health and disease.

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