The 2 Simple Ways to Stop Your Mindless Bad Habits

Do you snack every night in front of the television? Do you drink a little too much when you are out with your friends? Do you ever find that you’ve smoked a whole pack of cigarettes, bitten off half your nails, or eaten an entire bag of Doritos without realizing you were doing it?

That’s the real problem when it comes to ridding yourself of bad habits: When the behavior was new, you did it intentionally and probably consciously. But do anything enough times and it becomes automatic. In other words, you don’t even need to know that you are doing it. And, as new research shows, you don’t even need to want to do it. If you develop the habit of snacking in front of your TV at night, how hungry you are or how tasty the snack is will no longer determine whether or how much you eat.

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