Do Cold Showers Burn Fat?

Do cold showers burn fat and are they really a good idea? Well, humans have been using immersion in cold water for centuries as a health-boosting form of hydrotherapy. There are hundreds of studies examining the positive effect of cold water on everything from immunity to mood, but is there any evidence that cold showers can make a difference to weight loss?

We’ll be taking a look at the science behind the headlines and highlighting any studies that suggest there may be something in this weight loss tip after all. We’ll also check out what other benefits cold showers have to offer, and whether there are any cases in which you should avoid taking a cold shower.

So before you reach out and turn that hot water faucet off, find out if there is any truth to this tip. If you don’t enjoy the prospect of an ice-cold shower, our guide to the best exercise machines to lose weight can give you a safe (and less chilly) way to help with sustainable weight loss and increase muscle mass, all from the comfort of your own home. 

Excerpted from Fit & Well

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