The Fruits and Vegetables Most Associated With Losing Weight

Incorporating more whole fruits and vegetables into your diet is good for you, and variety is important. But for most people, a side of broccoli is a healthier choice than a potato.

In a new study designed to figure out the links between the intake of certain fruits and vegetables and body weight, scientists analyzed the reported eating habits of 133,468 men and women in the United States over a 24-year period.

They examined whether people had gained or lost weight during four-year intervals, and then looked at which fruits and vegetables they were eating the most when they did. Only whole foods counted — no juice — and french fries and chips were excluded from the analysis, since none of those options are considered a healthy way to up your fruit or vegetable intake.

For every additional daily serving of fruit over a four-year period, people lost about a half a pound. For every additional daily serving of vegetables, people lost about a quarter pound. Those averages — unimpressive and almost insignificant changes in weight for four years — are not that interesting, unless you’re adding many servings of fruits and veggies every day.

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