Is Intermittent Fasting Riskier for Women?

While the intermittent fasting diet can be a successful method for many, it might not be a good fit for all women, and this is why. The intermittent fasting diet has surged in global popularity, embraced by celebrities, colleagues, and even health experts. Indeed, numerous studies validate its potential health benefits, spanning weight loss, enhanced blood sugar control, and reduced bodily inflammation.

Julia Zompano, a dietitian at the Cleveland Clinic, advocates for intermittent fasting, specifically for appropriate candidates, due to its potentially remarkable outcomes. Nonetheless, she explains, a significant portion of the population is affected by a notable drawback.

Female sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen experience a substantial detrimental impact from intermittent fasting. Consequently, the approach might not be a simple and rapid solution, particularly for women in their childbearing years and those who haven’t reached menopause.

Excerpted from the Jerusalem Post

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